Davos transfer service | Airport transfer davos Zurich: The annual World Economic Forum, or WEF, has convened in Davos, Switzerland since 1971. The forthcoming WEF event is scheduled for January 20-24, 2025, in Davos.

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Limousines intended for professional use in Switzerland must first undergo customs inspection.

Unless exempted by the Swiss Federal Roads Authority, all vehicles used for professional passenger transportation are equipped with tachometers to record trip data Transfer to and from Zurich airport to Davos.

Chauffeurs must comply with “Drivers” Working Hours” (also known as “Hours of Service”)

Swiss police intermittently check drivers and vehicles to make sure these regulations are being observed. If they find a violation, both driver and guests may be required to discontinue their journey.

Every year, BLACKLUX.IT, BLACKLUXTRANSFER.COM ensures well in advance that all legal requirements (including obtaining all necessary permits from both the Swiss Federal Office for Roads and from customs) are met and that extensive insurance coverage is in place.

For your safety we recommend (especially as offers from foreign countries are concerned) that you at least apply to receive permits from the relevant sections of the Swiss government (Customs and Federal Roads Office).

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Davos, Switzerland, is the highest town in all of Europe.Image: World Economic Forum

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During the WEF event in Davos, the area is divided into different security zones with varying levels of security. To access main hotels such as the Hotel Seehof or the AlpenGold Hotel, a special security badge is required. If participants require door-to-door service, they must obtain these badges directly from the WEF organization.

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Francis Kéré, Nile Rodgers and Michelle Yeoh were awarded the Crystal Awards 2024 on 15 January.Image: World Economic Forum

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The Purpose of the World Economic Forum:

Davos event serves as a crucial platform for leaders to engage in discussions and influence global agendas, concentrating on enhancing the world’s overall condition. The World Economic Forum unites more than 2,200 members, spanning business, political, academic, and various societal leaders. The forum’s official mission is to “enhance the state of the world by involving leaders in shaping global, regional, and industry agendas.” Held at the Davos Conference Center, the town sees a significant security presence, including military, police, and private security firms, to safeguard attendees. Roads are either closed or converted into one-way streets, registration offices are established, and temporary structures are erected to welcome and protect heads of states, CEOs, influencers, diplomats, and other decision-makers from across the globe.

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World Economic Forum
Logo of the World Economic Forum
TypeNon-profit organization
FounderKlaus Schwab
Headquarter Cologny
Area of ​​action World
President Klaus Schwab
Official languageEnglish
MottoEN ) Committed to improving the state of the world
IT ) Committed to improving the state of the world


The World Economic Forum (original name in English :the Davos Forum ) is a non-profit foundation based in Cologny , near Geneva , Switzerland . It is founded in 1971 on the initiative of the economist and academic Klaus Schwab . [1]

The foundation organizes every winter, in the ski town of Davos in Switzerland . a meeting between leading exponents of international politics and economics with selected intellectuals and journalists. to discuss the most urgent issues that the world is facing, including in matters of health and the environment . In addition to this annual meeting, the World Economic Forum annually. organizes a meeting in China and the United Arab Emirates and several regional meetings. The Foundation also produces a series of research reports and engages its members in specific sector initiatives. [2]

Klaus Schwab opens the first European Management Symposium in 1971
The meeting between Frederik de Klerk and Nelson Mandela at the 1992 Davos meeting
Headquarters in Cologny , near Geneva , Switzerland

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In the summer of 1971, Klaus Schwab, business professor at the University of Geneva , with the patronage of the European Commission and European industrial associations, organized the first European Management Symposium at the Davos conference center with the aim of bringing European companies closer together. to US management practices. [3]

The choice of location in the Swiss Alps was due both to the amenity of the place and to the traditional independence of the Alpine country, considered favorable conditions for the success of the initiative. [4] He then established the European Management Forum, a non-profit foundation based in Geneva which started the tradition of the Davos winter meeting. The invitations to participate, originally addressed only to managers and entrepreneurs, were extended to political leaders since the January 1974 edition, when the energy crisis led to the inclusion in the debate, in addition to strictly managerial issues, also of larger-scale economic ones. [4] In 1987 the foundation changed its name to the World Economic Forum: WEF.

In the Year:

Over the years, participation in the meeting has often provided an opportunity to address bilateral crises and negotiate solutions. Among others, we recall the “Davos declaration” of 1988 between Greece and Turkey , which contributed to overcoming the war crisis between the two countries , the first meeting between North Korean and South Korean ministers in 1989, the 1992 meeting on the South African question between de Klerk , Mandela and Buthelezi and the framework agreement on Gaza and Jericho made in 1994 between Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat . [5]

In 2020 and 2021, during the Covid 19 pandemic , the World Economic Forum (WEF) developed a proposal to overcome periods of global instability through the alliance between governments, businesses and civil society organizations, so as to develop a stakeholder that promotes a more ” resilient , equitable and sustainable ” world by exploiting the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution . The proposal, presented under the name of the Great Reset [6] , received widespread recognition.

Transfer to and from Zurich airport to Davos: Organization

The World Economic Forum considers itself “committed to improving the condition of the world” [7] and strives to be impartial and free from political, ideological or national constraints. Until 2012 it had observer status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council .

The foundation is financed by approximately one thousand associated companies, generally multinationals with a turnover exceeding 5 billion euros (although there are differences based on the geographical area or industrial sector). Associated companies are almost always leaders in their sector or country and have a key role in guiding future developments. The membership fee paid by companies varies based on their level of involvement, and their status as strategic partners, sector partners and regional partners. [8] The highest governing body of the WEF is the foundation board. [9]

In 2006, the WEF added regional offices in New York (United States of America) and Beijing (China) to its Swiss headquarters, located in the town of Cologny .


Winter Forum in Davos

The main event organized by the World Economic Forum( WEF) is the forum held annually at the end of January in the ski town of Davos , in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland . The meeting is by invitation and is held behind closed doors, although recordings of specific events, such as the plenary session, are released. On the occasion of the meeting, the leaders of the companies associated with the foundation meet a small audience of political leaders and non-governmental organizations , representatives of the scientific community, religious leaders and journalists. Over the five days of the event, over 200 events are scheduled, on key topics of global debate, such as international conflicts, poverty and environmental problems. [2]

The Bureau of India Economic Summit 2011 in Mumbai : Recognizing Prithviraj Chavan , Chief Minister of the Indian state of Maharashtra and Ben Verwaayen , CEO of Alcatel-Lucent

Altri eventi

Since 2007, Blacklux Transfer to and from Zurich airport to Davos the Chinese cities of Dalian and Tianjin have alternately hosted the “annual meeting of new champions” (commonly referred to as Davos summer), which sees an audience of around 1,500 participants, mostly from emerging countries: representatives of rapidly developing companies, technological pioneers, future global leaders. [10] Furthermore, the World Economic Forum organizes regional meetings every year (in Latin America , the Middle East , Asia and Africa ) to encourage meetings between multinational companies, local governments and non-governmental organizations. [11]

The Forum of Young Global Leaders [12] brings together, upon notification, 800 people under the age of 40 with strong leadership skills, in the intentions of the organizers capable of representing all stakeholders .

Finally, since 2000, together with the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship [13], the WEF has promoted a meeting between social entrepreneurs, aimed at underlining the role of social enterprises in the development of society and in solving its problems. Within the WEF, initiatives have been undertaken to combat infectious diseases, to promote ICT education and to combat corruption.


The foundation also operates as a think tank and publishes numerous in-depth documents, in the form of reports and scenario analyses , on the topics of economic growth, finance, environmental sustainability, social development and health. [14]

We recall the Global Competitiveness Report (1979) on the competitiveness of countries, the Global Information Technology Report (2001) on the availability of information technologies, the Global Gender Gap Report on gender equality, the Global Risks Report (2006) on the main global risks , the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (2007) on the competitiveness of transport and tourism, the Financial Development Report (2008) for the evaluation and improvement of financial systems, and the Global Enabling Trade Report (2008) for the promotion of international trade . [15] Similar reports are produced by the Risk Response Network , specifically on the topic of global risks, potentially capable of causing significant damage to the economy and people. [16] In 2022, in view of COP27 , the Global Risk Report 2022 was presented . [17]

Global Shapers Community

Born in 2011 from an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) the Global Shapers Community is a network of young people, aged between 18 and 33, motivated to create a positive impact in their city. The young “shapers” selected by the World Economic Forum aim to guide the new generations in choosing their future [18] .

Organized in hubs, the Community is present in over 400 cities around the world, of which 11 are Italian ( Bari , Florence , Genoa , Milan , Naples [19] , Palermo , Reggio Emilia , Rome , Turin , Trento , Venice ) [20 ] .


The World Economic Forum is often criticized for creating a wealthy global elite with no ties to broader societies, opaque decision-making processes, poor attention to gender issues and a lack of financial transparency .

Since the end of the nineties it has been harshly contested, together with the G7 , the World Bank , the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization , by the anti-global movement. According to which capitalism and globalization were at the basis of the increase poverty and environmental destruction. The American linguist Noam Chomsky , a leading exponent of the anti-global left , defined the use of the term “globalization” used in reference to the trade policies proposed by the World Economic Forum as propagandistic and, on the contrary, the use of the phrase “no global” for anyone who advocates any different modality of international integration.

Another element of criticism is linked to the preponderant role that the WEF’s strategic partners, some of whom have been convicted of human rights violations, have in defining the topics discussed in the meetings. 

Where WEF Davos will be held

A third highly criticized aspect is the progressive distancing of the topics and speakers of the Davos meeting from the economy properity. For this reason, and in opposition to the choice to hold part of the proceedings behind closed doors, parallel initiatives have arisen, such as the Open Forum Davos organized in the same location by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. [22] 

Another counter-event organized since 2000 is the assignment of the Public Eye Awards to companies that stand out for the most irresponsible practices. [23]

On several occasions, in conjunction with the Davos meeting and other WEF initiatives, crowded protest demonstrations were organized by anti-global activists. The Swiss media have often stigmatized the cost of the imposing security measures envisaged to deal with such demonstrations. Falling partly on the organizers of the meeting, partly on the authorities. In response to criticism from Swiss civil society, the Swiss federal government decided in February 2021 to reduce its annual contributions to the WEF. [24]

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, delivers a special address on January 16.Image: World Economic Forum World Economic Forum www.blacklux.it

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