Up to 24 hours before collection

   You will get a refund if you cancel your ride up to 24 hours before pickup.

   If you cancel your ride within 24 hours before pickup, you will not be able to get a refund.

   Payments made with Paypal are non-refundable.


   For collection at the airport (entering the flight number) the following will be included in the price:

   60 minutes of free waiting for all vehicle categories EXCLUDING the First Class category.

   The First class category will have 90 minutes of free waiting included.

   For all local collection addresses, 15 minutes of free waiting will be included.


   If your flight is canceled and the ride cannot be cancelled, it will be considered a NO-SHOW and you will still be charged in full.


Any changes relating to your trip are only possible if the driver accepts the change and there will be a supplement to be agreed directly with him. Blacklux and the driver are not obliged to     offer an alternative solution. You will find your receipt in your account so you can request any refunds from whoever caused the flight to be missed.

   If your flight has any changes, we ask you to let us know in real time. If your pickup time is within 48 hours, you can contact BlackLux® customer support


   The driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the airport, holding a sign with your name.

   Furthermore, by entering the flight number during booking, you will allow the driver to monitor your flight and be found at your exit.

   If you cannot find your driver you can immediately contact BlackLux® customer support.

   Only the kilometers necessary to make your transfer are included in the booking.


   If there are tolls, tunnels, ferries or trains along the route, the fares must be paid by the passenger at the place of arrival. Furthermore, the passenger must also pay the return fare for the driver.

   We recommend inquiring about additional costs.


   In the event that the customer does not show up at the place agreed upon at the time of booking without having canceled the trip, and is unreachable at the telephone number entered, he will be            

   considered NO-SHOW.

The ride will still be charged 100%.


   If the driver will not be present on site, you must contact him directly. You will receive his telephone number at least 2 hours before departure. If the driver is unreachable, contact     

   blacklux immediately to find an alternative solution.

   If the passenger does not call within 15 minutes of the time the driver should have been present, neither Blacklux® nor the driver can be held responsible.


   If it is not possible to carry out the service due to special services, previously not accepted by the driver (e.g. transport of children, animals, excessively oversized luggage) and     the customer decides to cancel, the transfer will still have to be paid for.



The driver may renounce the trip if the customer does not respect the rules of conduct in the vehicle or if he assumes that the person responsible for booking the    

   trip or the passenger uses the service for illegal purposes or illicit conduct.


   For each hour booked, a total of 20 km will be included with the reserved vehicle. From the time booked for collection until the end time, chosen by you, the driver will be at your complete disposal  

   for any journey that falls within the established kilometres. Extra hours/kilometres must be agreed directly with the driver and will have additional costs.


   The images of the vehicles on the site are indicative, inherent to the category of vehicle requested. A possible increase in category or size of the vehicle may be possible, without additional costs, if the driver takes the transfer with this vehicle. Services that require a VAN can be replaced with an SUV with the same capacity and vice versa. If you book a         12-seater minibus, the service can be carried out with two or more VANs/SUVs of the necessary capacity. No specific model or color requests can be guaranteed.



   The rules for each type of race: -Use of seat belts
   – Vehicle care
   -No smoking

   In case of non-compliance with the rules that could cause inconvenience to the driver, the cost of the journey will still have to be paid. Furthermore, the driver will be able to request any compensation for     damage to the vehicle or excessive weight caused or carried by the passenger.


   If you need a child seat, you can select it at the time of booking when choosing the vehicle.


   The number and dimensions of luggage included in the journey are visible when choosing the vehicle. If you wish to add extra luggage you can do so with the respective additional costs. Blacklux does not     guarantee that our drivers will accept more luggage than those included. The driver will have the passenger’s contact details in order to have the possibility to make arrangements in this regard.

   Extra requests for the services provided will require an availability check which can be obtained by directly contacting the driver who has entrusted your transfer. Alternatively,    

   contact BlackLux support. Our cancellation rules apply if there has been no inspection and the driver has not been able to carry out the transfer.